Well the limited blog posting was about to end. In the end, there was little break so still need to devote time to other activities in the coming weeks and months. With that in mind together with the increasing censorship restrictions, summoning of anyone critical of the junta (and the summoning and rebuking of journalists for asking Prayuth “aggressive” questions), incommunicado¬†detentions etc it is clearly not the best time for critical blogging.

Hence, until things change, will need to slightly alter the style of this blog to one that will be quoting more from articles and giving emphasis to interesting details. Readers will need to draw their own conclusions. An example is from this post about the summoning of journalists. You can draw your own conclusion whether you think the summoning of 2 journalists for asking Prayuth questions is justified because you could view that those with good intentions should never be questioned and the Thai military is the entity to save all of Thailand and always acts with the nation’s interest at heart….. Or you could take a different view….

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