India's new prime minister Narendra Modi, left, shakes hands with his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif in New Delhi, Monday. Pic: AP.

NEW DELHI (AP) — India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi is meeting with the premier of rival Pakistan as well as other South Asian leaders on his first day on the job.

In addition to sitting with Nawaz Sharif, Modi also has brief one-on-one meetings scheduled with leaders from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mauritius and Maldives.

The foreign dignitaries came to town to attend Modi’s inauguration Monday.

Analysts say Sharif’s visit could signal an easing of tensions between the often-hostile, nuclear-armed neighbors. Relations between Pakistan and India halted after a 2008 attack on Mumbai, India’s financial hub, in which Pakistani militants killed 166 people.

No details were given about what the two men would discuss, but  Modi was likely to ask Pakistan to hasten investigations into the Mumbai attack.

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