WASHINGTON (AP) — China’s top military leader is warning that the U.S. must be objective about the tensions between China and Vietnam, or risk harming relations between Washington and Beijing.

Protesters embrace while standing on the corner of a street in Quan Doan 4, Binh Duong province, near Song Than 2 Industrial Park in Vietnam, Wednesday. Pic: AP.

People’s Liberation Army’s Chief of the General Staff Gen. Fang Fenghui says the U.S. effort to increase focus on the Asia Pacific has stirred up disputes in the East and South China Seas.

Fang was at the Pentagon for meetings with U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey. Dempsey says they talked about the risk of provocation in using military assets in the region.

Fang’s visit comes on the heels of a mob riot targeting Chinese at a Taiwanese steel mill in Vietnam and anti-China protests over Beijing’s deployment of an oil rig in the long-disputed region of the South China Sea.