TOKYO (AP) — An aquarium in a Japanese town known for dolphin hunts is being sued by an American activist who says denying him entry is discriminatory.

In this 2010 file photo, fishermen drive bottle-nose dolphins into a net during their annual hunt off Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan. Pic: AP.

Former TV dolphin trainer Ric O’Barry starred in the 2008 documentary “The Cove” about the annual hunt in the town of Taiji.

The lawsuit he filed this week says the Taiji Whale Museum has a baby albino dolphin in captivity and refuses entry to Western-looking people who want to check on the dolphin.

Katsuki Hayashi, who heads the museum, says the museum routinely denies entry to non-Japanese activists who come annually to protest the dolphin hunts. He said tourists and other visitors are welcome.

He declined comment on the lawsuit as he had yet to see it.