WASHINGTON (AP) — A top figure in Japan’s ruling party says his nation’s security alliance with the U.S. should be deepened to prevent conflicts from breaking out in the Asia-Pacific.

Liberal Democratic Party secretary-general Shigeru Ishiba’s comments come amid tensions with China over Japan’s wartime past and a territorial dispute.

Ishiba struck a conciliatory tone Friday but also cautioned China against using “misguided nationalism” to direct domestic discontent away from the ruling communist party and toward other countries.

He said “adventurism” could have disastrous consequences.

Ishiba described the U.S.-Japan security alliance as a “public good” for the region to prevent conflicts and deter use of force.

He said Japan should help share the security burden with the U.S. by allowing a more active, defensive role for Japan’s military, under terms circumscribed by law.

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