Nancy Ann Kissel, left, and her relative walk out of Hong Kong's High Court in 2005. Pic: AP.

HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong’s top court has rejected a final bid for an appeal by an American convicted of drugging her wealthy banker husband and bashing him to death.

The Court of Final Appeal dismissed Nancy Kissel’s application on Thursday.

Kissel was convicted twice for the 2003 murder of her husband, Robert Kissel. The case, dubbed the “Milkshake Murder,” grabbed world headlines with its lurid tale of the breakdown of a wealthy expatriate marriage in the southern Chinese city.

She was sentenced to life in 2012, matching the result of an earlier trial that was overturned.

Prosecutors said Kissel, a housewife, gave her husband a sedative-laced milkshake and then bludgeoned him with a metal ornament before wrapping his body up in a carpet.

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