The Wall Street Journal is tweeting that one man has died after an attack on a convoy of anti-government protesters in Bangkok today.

An earlier report from Associated Press said that four people were wounded in the attack:

BANGKOK (AP) — Gunmen have fired on a convoy of anti-government protesters in Thailand’s capital, and four people have been wounded.

The assailants fired unseen at a bus and a flatbed truck carrying demonstrators to their encampment in central Bangkok after they had protested at government offices north of the city Tuesday.

The protesters want Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to resign to make way for an interim, appointed government to initiate anti-corruption reforms.

A protest guard, Nasser Yeemah, said two women on a bus and two guards on a sound truck were wounded by the gunshots.

Protest-related violence has left 23 dead and hundreds hurt over five months.

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