Australian Schapelle Corby receives her parole in Bali, Indonesia, Monday, February 10. Pic: AP.

BALI, Indonesia (AP) — An Indonesian official says a convicted Australian drug trafficker attempted to kill herself when he informed her that the government might revoke her parole.

Bali Correctional Division chief Sunar Agus said Tuesday that Schapelle Corby appeared unstable and tried to stab herself twice with a knife during their meeting Monday night.

Corby was released on parole last month after spending nine years in a Bali prison on charges of smuggling 4.2 kilograms (9 pounds) of marijuana into Indonesia in 2005.

Indonesia’s justice minister said Tuesday that the government is evaluating whether Corby’s parole terms were violated because of an interview by her sister Mercedes with an Australian television network in which she said the drugs could have been from Indonesia.

Under her parole, Corby cannot return to Australia until 2017.

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