Life drawing by Jennifer Bristow; Year 1 Here on the Animation and Visual FX course we run regular Wednesday evening life drawing classes, taught by Kathy Nicholls, down in the life drawing room at Woodlane.We try to make sure that everybody attends, including the students whose main interest is in CG and VFX, because our philosophy is that; “we don’t teach drawing, we teach looking”. What we are not doing is trying to create works of art, nice looking drawings that can sit on a wall; instead we want to inculcate a habit of really looking at things and analysing what is going on.When we have to draw something we are forced to look intently at it and work out how it is put together in space. It is sometimes useful to draw from photographs, but there is something missing when we try to do that; the third dimension. Photographs can flatten out a form whereas a thing that is there in front of you is there in all its solid, three dimensional form with planes receding and coming towards you and the lighting conditions acting directly on it.

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Life Drawing – we like it!

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