BEIJING (AP) — A senior official at a Communist Party school in a northwestern province has been dismissed from his post over a sex scandal, state media reported Monday.

Qin Guogang, the vice president of a party school in Shaanxi province, also was expelled from the ruling Communist Party, the official Xinhua News Agency said, citing provincial disciplinary authorities.

Stills from a video appeared online a week earlier purporting to show a naked Qin with a female postgraduate student from the school.

State media reported that the student posted the photos and submitted the hour-long sex video to provincial disciplinary authorities. She said Qin had falsely told her he was not married.

Several Chinese officials have recently been caught up in sex scandals. One of the most notorious was Lei Zhengfu, who was an official in southwest Chongqing city when clips of the portly 55-year-old having sex with a much younger woman went viral online. That led to a corruption investigation and Lei being sentenced to 13 years in prison.

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