BP has already blogged on the doubts over the veracity of documents filed by the new lobbyist allegedly hired by the Thai government, but Politico has two new stories.

First, the Thai government called for an investigation into filing:

The government of Thailand is calling for an investigation into what appears to be a fake Foreign Agents Registration Act disclosure form. A company calling itself Davenport McKesson filed paperwork in November claiming that it was representing the government of Thailand. The Thai embassy told PI earlier this week that they had not engaged the firm for any lobbying work. Citing POLITICO, the Thai foreign ministry denied once again hiring the firm in a new statement released Thursday only in Thai. The country’s foreign ministry also asked their U.S. embassy to work with the U.S. government to find out how a fake FARA form was filed to begin with.

Second, filings removed from the website an update to the story:

DAVENPORT MCKESSON FOLLOW-UP: PI has been reporting on the saga of Davenport McKesson, a lobbying “firm” that has filed at least two fictitious lobbying reports with the Senate and the Justice Department. Earlier this week, the company filed a third lobbying registration to represent the oil consortium Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. After being posted on the Justice Department website on Monday morning, it quickly vanished. Asked why the filing disappeared, Andrew Ames of the Justice Department told PI: “With regard to your inquiry, we removed the documents from the website while we review the filing.” He declined to say why the DOJ had reason to believe the filing was fake. OPEC did not respond to a request for comment. Davenport McKesson also filed fake lobbying registrations for the University of Maryland and the government of Thailand last month. The government of Thailand has called for an investigation into the bogus filings.

BP: Now one hopes the protest leaders will stop calling the government traitors about this filing…..