COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — Hundreds of people protested Tuesday in Sri Lanka’s capital to urge the government to reveal the fate of two activists who were allegedly abducted two years ago.

The two activists — 29-year-old Lalith Kumar Weeraraju and 34-year-old Kugan Muruganandan — went missing on Dec. 9, 2011, while organizing a news conference to mark Human Rights Day for their organization, Movement for People’s Struggle, in Sri Lanka’s former northern civil war zone.

Their colleagues accuse the military of abducting them, but the military denies the allegation.

Hundreds of activists demonstrated in front of Colombo’s main railroad station on Tuesday, which was Human Rights Day.

Sri Lanka’s government is facing international criticism for failing to properly probe alleged abductions, attacks and killings of political opponents, activists and journalists during and after the war, which ended in 2009.