Hi everyone. Today I want to give you an insight on what is happening in our English department. Both students and teachers are always active and stretching beyond expectations.

Recently, two teachers from our EFL / ESOL department have presented at international conferences. Both are fantastic teachers with many years of experience.

Paul Gallantry presented a workshop entitled Blended Learning at the prestigious English UK annual conference in London. Over 260 people attended the conference, including trainers such as Russell Stannard, and Paul’s workshop was well received.

Meanwhile Angela Buckingham gave workshops in Learner Motivation and Business English at the three-day international JALT conference in Kobe, Japan, sponsored by Oxford University Press. Angela is also the author of the “Passport” series for Japan, which has now sold over a million copies.

Last week some of our English students enjoyed an enrichment activity morning exploring Reading, practising their speaking, and for some their newly acquired interviewing skills. Some looked for answers to a quiz which took them through some of the oldest parts of Reading to the museum. Many had not realised Reading had such a long history. One of the students wrote in the class forum “I thought the Bayeux Tapestry was beautiful; the story of an important moment in English history.”

In two weeks our International students will go on a trip to the beautiful city Bath. I will be reporting…