LUCKNOW, India (AP) — The Indian air force is dropping paratroopers, food packets and medicine for tens of thousands of people trapped in up to 100 inaccessible towns and villages in northern Himalayas devastated by heavy monsoon rains and landslides over the weekend.

The Hindu holy town of Kedarnath after this week's floods: Pic: AP.

Amit Chandola, a Uttrakhand state spokesman, says the army and other workers reopened dozens of roads Friday by building makeshift bridges, accelerating the evacuation of nearly 62,000 people.

With the sun shining for a third day, thousands of soldiers intensified efforts to reach 80 to 100 towns and villages worst hit by the flooding and rains.

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Chandola said the official death in Uttrakhand was 105, but expect that to rise as authorities reach areas now cut off.

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