Since I have decided that I really do not want to apply for a PhD for this September, seeing as I am getting progressively more and more exhausted because of my demanding MA course which has come on the back of a four year undergraduate degree, I have now to  work out how I am going to fill the looming gap which awaits me. As I really enjoy teaching (I am tutoring French at the moment and have had experience teaching English in Moldova) I have decided that I would like to apply to work as a lectrice in France for a year (this would involve teaching English at a French university).Teaching English in a village in Moldova this summerAfter mentioning that I wanted to take a year out, a lecturer in my department informed me that King’s has an agreement with Nanterre University in Paris.  I was absolutely delighted to hear this, as I know I would enjoy the experience and I think it will look excellent on any PhD application/CV. Moreover, it would give me a chance to do more research on francophone women’s writing before I send out my PhD applications. Plus, I have never lived in Paris before

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The looming gap that is next year

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